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Put gloves on both men.

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Waggle until the developer and the tomentum dye are altogether assorted unitedly.

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Subsequently the roots are amply covered in dye in one part, advance to the following incision until all of the sections get dye on the roots of the hair’s-breadth.

Either pip-squeak dye onto the remainder of the hairsbreadth, or pullulate a pocket-size quantity of dye on your manpower (approximately a quartern sizing) so rub the dye done your pilus. Recur this procedure until your hair’s-breadth is altogether pure with dye from roots to tips.

Parting the intermixture on your hair’s-breadth for 25 to Thirty, so gargle it with lovesome h2o. Do not shampoo afterward rinse, but do employ conditioner.

For topper results, do not washing your hair’s-breadth for 24 hours later dyeing.